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2023 South Dakota State "A" Powerlifting Championships

March 18th, 2023

200 E. Essex Ave.

Salem, SD 


  • Pre-Registration & Payment will be due Monday, February 27 @ 11:59PM CST

    • To meet this deadline all of the following will be sent to meet director

      • AA Coaches will reply to this email as soon as possible with an approximate number of lifters who have qualified for the state meet and intend to compete. (No Limit as of right now. This is subject to change dependent upon what I hear back from coaches.)  

        • In order to qualify for the state meet, athletes must, "achieve a qualifying Total, ANY Total achieved in a full power meet, as recognized by the SDHSPA; to include but not limited to sanctioned meets outside of the SDHSPA's purview prior to the State Meet and within the past year." -Per SDHSPA Rulebook

          • Part of this year's registration requires coaches to identify to the State Meet Director when and where their athlete competed in the past calendar year.

        • After I receive word of each AA coach's intention to field a team, I will share a Team Registration Sheet that will be exclusive to each respective team.  Each coach will fill out this document for their team prior to the deadline stated above.


  • COST PER LIFTER: $25.00

    • One payment for the whole team competing will be postmarked by the deadline date stated above. (2/27/23)

      • Please make checks payable to "Washington High School"

    • Once registered, 50% of lifter entry fee is non-refundable


  • MEET DATE & START TIME: March 11, 2023, at 8:00 AM

  • I have created a website with all of the following information available:

    • General Meet Information

    • Registration & Payment

    • Rules and Regulations (Videos will be uploaded to this page ASAP)

    • Liability & Rules Compliancy Waivers

    • Address and Map

  • We will be using the Liftingcast program to run the meet

  • The SDHSPA just finished up instructional videos that every competing athlete is expected to watch prior to meet day. These videos will replace rules explanation the morning of the meet.  All athlete and coaches are responsible for educating themselves about meet procedure and lifting standards prior to meet day.  (Big Thanks to Coach Casey Raaen for putting these together!)

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